Plan for Tax Savings when Setting up a Family Business

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Family-owned businesses can offer an opportunity for considerable tax savings. Not only can you opt for a corporation, a proprietorship, or a partnership, but you can also combine the various forms of ownership to your advantage.

If you organize the business as a partnership or Subchapter S corporation, for instance, early business losses can be passed through to owners in high tax brackets. When the business begins to show a profit, title or stock can be transferred to younger family members who are in lower tax brackets.

If the business is organized as a corporation, its real estate, machinery, or equipment can be owned by an individual and leased to the company. Rental income will pass directly to the owners without being subject to corporate tax. ownership of these majorassets can also be placed in trust for the benefit of the owners’ children to take advantage of income splitting.

Obviously, the business structure that most benefits one family will not necessarily suit another. In addition, the tax law restricts the deductibility of certain family-owned business losses. So be sure to consult with your tax professional before you choose a structure for a family business.