The Art of Negotiation

When you sit down at a negotiating table, the seat you choose can have a real effect on your negotiations.

The seat at the head of the table is considered the “power seat” and that’s where you should sit if you want to appear to be in command of the discussions.

But think twice before you do it, because some people resent the presumption of authority. After you’ve sized up the situation, it might be wiser to sit on the same side of the table as your opponent.

This can lessen the adversary aspect of your negotiations and make others feel that you’ll be friendly and cooperative.

Handshake Silhouette

Make sure price comparisons are fair.

When a prospective customer tells you that your price isn’t competitive, don’t offer a better price until you compare all the details of your offer with the details of what your competitor is offering.

You may be able to point out significant differences that the customer has overlooked such as delivery charges, terms of payment, product specifications, and return privileges. Best way to do it: ask the customer.