Our Privacy Commitment


We Never Sell, Rent, or Trade Your Information.

BOOKS IN BALANCE is fully committed to protecting your privacy while you use our site. We are particularly sensitive to the fact that your personal and business information is of outmost importance to you. That is why we are committed to safeguarding any information transmitted to us.

Associate Partnerships

BOOKS IN BALANCE has many associate partnerships with colleagues and service providers. These parties are not allowed access to personally identifiable information, including emails, nor do they require such access to provide their services.

BOOKS IN BALANCE does not share email information with its partners, preventing them from sending any emails to you directly. We require all such vendors and partners to adhere to our confidentiality and privacy standards and to destroy any customer data (not required to be kept by law) in their possession (if any) once the services are completed.

Internet Standards

We will NEVER send you an email asking you to reply with confidential information. As with all information regarding any banking logins, security codes, or other highly sensitive data–we provide our clients with a Secure Client Login access. It is your private PIN and utilizes 128-bit encryption technology.

Terms of Service (when using this website)

Full legal disclosures regarding use of our website and supplied informational resources, see our Terms of Use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or any other aspect of our website.


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