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Outsourcing Services

The question of whether to hire employees to perform certain functions in business or to contract for those services is one that is a hot topic for businesses of all sizes. From corporate giants to one-person shops, the issues of employee liability, confidentiality, flexibility in managing peak workload and finding appropriate skill levels to fit specific needs have managers increasingly looking for help.

In many small and medium sized businesses, there simply isn’t enough accounting work to justify full time positions, and the scarcity of labor makes finding any help at all very difficult.

Temporary service agencies have helped to fill that void in the accounting area for many companies.

Benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping services:

  • Eliminate the need for an in-house bookkeeper if not necessary.
  • Save money on the heavy burden of payroll taxes and employee benefits.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the possibility of employee turnover.
  • Consolidate bookkeeping duties for multiple locations.
  • Save money on costly software updates.
  • Save time and money on training and updating your employee’s with compliance issues.
  • Ultimately you will be able to easily maintain consistent and accurate bookkeeping and as a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books companywide.
  • Allows for an objective and professional outside perspective.
  • You do not to invest in a costly infrastructure.

Virtual Services

BOOKS IN BALANCE provides bookkeeping services to clients throughout the United States. We recognize that all companies are different so we custom design the bookkeeping services we provide to meet your individual needs.

Through our virtual bookkeeping & accounting services we provide you with–

  • Secure, password-protected Internet access to your accounting records that includes all the necessary data to survive in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • You have the freedom to access your accounting data where and when you choose–from home, your office, a job site, or while traveling.
  • We can interface1 with most banks, on-line billing, and credit card services, to access your data and analyze and record your financial transactions as they are received.
  • We do this all and still maintain a personal relationship with you, our client–not a machine! We are here when you need to reach us.

1Of course, this is limited access to specific confidential information.  You choose whether or not to use our interface feature. As an alternative, processing can be simply done by email, scan or fax of your key financial documents.

On-Site Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping experts can perform financial services onsite – ensuring that your financial records are both up-to-date throughout the month and completely accessible for your use in making management decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Doing your own in-house bookkeeping?

Have you thought of getting it reviewed before filing your monthly or quarterly taxes? We offer a number of standardized and custom review packages. More info under our accounting services. Click here for a quick look!

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